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How do you sell your puppies and do you ship them?

We are first and foremost breeding our bulldogs to produce our own show stock. We occasionally have puppies for sale to select homes. We do usually have some pet puppies in each litter that we will place at a lower price than our show prospect puppies. We do like to place our show prospects in homes where they will be shown. We will ship our puppies by air. Contact us at anytime about availability of puppies.

What is the difference between a pet puppy and show prospect puppy?

Pet puppies are puppies that for some reason have a fault or flaw that might keep them from doing well in the show ring. Usually these faults are so minor that the average person could not tell the difference between the pet and the show pup. We do not guarantee how a puppy will develop or perform in the showring once it leaves our kennel. A lot is determined by how the puppy is trained and presented by its new owner.

What is the procedure for obtaining shipped semen?

The bitch owner is responsible for letting us know when they want the semen shipped. We send two shipments if needed. We need your vets name, address, telephone number and office hours. We cannot get a shipment to you on Sunday, Monday or Holidays. We have had a very good success rate with cooled semen. Shipping kits must be returned promptly.

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